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Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can assist within the planning applications of renewable energy schemes including PV Solar Farms, Biomass and wind turbines across the UK.

PV Solar Farms:

The inverter cooling fans and transformer stations at PV Solar Array sites have potential for noise impact. Soundguard Acoustics has completed a number of PV Solar Farm projects across the UK and can work with the landowner or the energy company in establishing suitable positioning of the noise sources in relation to noise sensitive properties. This can be fully supported with BS4142 assessments to satisfy the requests of Local Authority Environmental Health and Planning Officers.

Biomass & Recycling:

Biomass energy, recycling centres, slurry waste plants all ahve the potential for noise impact within the environment. Soundguard Acosutics can assist at pre-planning stages, predictive BS4142 reports and end of build monitoring to ensure that the project can be manged well and sited without significant noise impact within the environment.

Turbine Schemes:

All of our wind turbine assessments are carried out in accordance with national guidance, including ETSU-R97 and will incorporate local planning requirements & an assessment of local conditions. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd will provide precise, robust & clear wind turbine assessment reports using recognised standards ensuring that all data & reports will meet scrutinisation by third parties or at appeal.

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