Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Insta-Mold… Shushhh keep this quiet…


Insta-Mold is an ‘instant’ direct moulded CE certified hearing protector that can be supplied complete or, with training, can be manufactured in-house to ‘instantly’ fit your employees within hours and at a fraction of the cost of lab moulded products. Insta-Mold provides up to SNR 29dB of hearing protection, is supplied with acoustic filters for communication, snag-free safety leashes and storage case. View the Insta-Mold website HERE.

How is Insta-Mold supplied?

Insta-Mold can be supplied in fully manufactured and complete or in raw product form enabling you to undertake the training and set up your own Insta-Mold custom hearing protection products to Industrial clients, Motorcyclists, Shooting clubs, Swimming & Water Sport.View the Insta-Mold website HERE.

Sounds good, what now?

Contact us today on 01237 478142 or download our PDF information pack to become an Insta-Mold Agent.


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