Environmental Noise

Peace, tranquility & noise complaints….

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd will provide noise impact assessment of proposed developments, mechanical plant, entertainment venues or the noise impact assessment of road, rail traffic or industrial noise sources upon a noise sensitive property.

What will you actually do?

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd will provide environmental noise monitoring and clear acoustic advice at any stage of your project and deliver clear noise impact assessment reports that are commonly requested by Environmental Protection Officers and planners within the UK.

Why us?

Our experience with noise planning standards enables us to recommend appropriate noise criteria & develop mitigation strategies such as building envelope prediction, acoustic barriers specification, ventilation, orientation or glazing options to preserve the acoustic environment for future residents & noise sensitive properties. We aim to support your development whilst also satisfying other business, Local Planning Authorities & residents.

Sounds good, what now?

Contact us today on 01237 478142 and make everything sound just right


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Environmental Noise Portfolio