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Designing things correctly at the start…

Whether your building acoustics project is a simple flat conversion or a major commercial development, there can be no doubt that getting the building acoustics ‘right from the start’ is essential.

Should I be worried about sound testing?

For residential building acoustics, it is paramount to get things right in the early stages. Especially in meeting pre-completion sound insulation testing standards to Approved Document E (2003) of the Building Regulations. A building acoustics sound test failure at this stage can be catastrophic for the builder or developer leading to escalating costs & project delay.

Will you help me meet Building Control regulations?

Sure! Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can assist with initial sound test design; guide you through the minefield of ‘sound-proofing materials’ & advise in designing structural wall, floor & ceiling configurations that will meet Building Regulation standards. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is not connected with any materials suppliers so we will only suggest the building acoustics materials which we think will do the job and at the best price for your budget.

Sounds good, what now?

Contact us today on 01237 478142 and make everything sound just right.


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