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Insta-Mold Custom Hearing Protection

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What is Insta-Mold®? Insta-Mold is a CE certified ‘direct moulded’ custom hearing protection product. The floating, two-part, medical grade instant silicone is available in 12 colour combinations, is provided with a hygienic gloss coat finish and is supplied with a storage pouch and client care instructions. Custom made hearing protection, using Insta-Mold, can be made… Read more »

During Approved Document E Sound Testing, high levels of noise are generated but in order to make accurate test measurements, relatively quiet conditions are needed. Anyone working within the testing area will have to leave temporarily and any noisy works in the vicinity of the test areas including external site activity or ground works will… Read more »

Sound Insulation Performance

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A sound insulation test of a separating partition will be considered as a pass if the airborne sound insulation is equal to or greater than the DnT,w + Ctr value required for the appropriate dwelling and if the impact sound insulation is equal to or less than the L’nT,w value for the appropriate dwelling. The… Read more »

Approved Doc E Sound Testing Recommendations

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‘Soundguard Acoustics provided a thorough & professional service & achieved a successful outcome for my building refurbishment project. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking expertise in this area’ D. Widden, Taunton, Somerset ‘We found Soundguard Acoustics competent, prompt & professional to work with. We will certainly be working with them again on future… Read more »

Airborne sound insulation test (walls & floors): A controlled noise is generated by an amplifier and loudspeaker across a broad range of frequencies. The generated noise is very loud and can be in excess of 100dB. Initial measurements are taken using a Sound Level Meter within the ‘source room’ followed by further measurements in the… Read more »

Approved Document E states that the sound insulation testing body should be either a member of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and have joined their PCT registration scheme or be registered testers with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Choosing an accredited company under these schemes gives you the peace of mind that your… Read more »

One set of tests needs to be undertaken for every ten flats or houses, provided the construction system is the same. A set means that the test should include two locations where the party element (wall or floor) is tested. This is equivalent to two individual tests when assessing the performance of a wall (airborne… Read more »

Is my development ready for sound testing?

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Sound insulation tests are undertaken when the development is “pre-completed”. This means that the test rooms should be at a second fit stage where just final finishing, such as painting and carpets are required. Soundguard Acoustics has provided a site checklist below to assist you with this. By ensuring that you meet the requirements of… Read more »

Does my conversion need a Sound Test?

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All new and converted dwelling houses and flats for residential purpose require sound testing to Approved Document E standard. This also includes a room or suite of rooms which is not a dwelling house or a flat but which is used by one or more persons to live and sleep. For example, rooms in hostels,… Read more »

What is the benefit of a Sound Test?

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In buildings sound can be defined as ‘airborne sound’ (i.e. sound generated and transferred directly in the air by talking or home entertainment systems) or ‘impact sound’ (i.e. sound generated by the impact of an object striking the floor and transmitted through it, such as footfall noise). The objective of Approved Document E is to… Read more »