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Approved Doc E Sound Testing in Devon

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Sound Testing is an essential requirement at the completion of any new build or conversion project. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is based in Bideford, Devon and is approved under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) registration scheme for carrying out Approved Doc E sound insulation testing for building control so that you can be sure that… Read more »

  General noise levels within a factory will vary between areas and processes. Although noise levels may be high in some areas it may be that few employees are actually exposed to it whilst other ‘quieter’ tasks may impact directly upon employees. In assessing employee noise exposure it is important to obtain an accurate noise… Read more »

The thermal insulating benefit and sustainability of lightweight aerated concrete blocks such as Aircrete, Celcon, Thermalite, Toplite and Durox  makes them a popular building material in new builds, conversions and renovations. However, aerated concrete block construction does require additional acoustic consideration to avoid Approved Doc E pre-completion sound insulation test failures; particularly where this type… Read more »

Noise impact of industrial exhaust stacks

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Disposal of waste gases from industrial sites are generally exhausted to the ambient air through exhaust (chimney) stacks. As well as exhausting waste gas into the atmosphere these stacks will often enable the emission of noise generated by the process equipment.   Increasing the distance from a noise source normally results in the level of… Read more »

  Soundguard Acoustics was appointed by the project Architects, David Wilson Partnership, Barnstaple, in early 2013 to provide design advice, consultancy and end of build testing to meet the Building Regulation Acoustic requirements and attain BREEAM credits for good acoustic design for the recently completed Pilton School development in Barnstaple, Devon. The ten mathematics classrooms… Read more »

  Sound insulation design can be affected by a number of variables. Perhaps the greatest risk to good design is well meaning builders or developers who ‘tweak’ a design to fit their requirements. The example above was detected during a routine site visit, the problem (if you havent spotted it) is that the builder has… Read more »

  Soundguard Acoustics has been involved with a number of Office, Healthcare and School projects. This project was a new build secondary school that was required to meet all BB93 standards, achieve BREEAM for acoustics and provide a good end of build teaching environment. The architects had designed a naturally ventilated building with high ceilings,… Read more »

Victorian conversions into smaller dwellings, apartments and flats are extremely popular. It makes financial sense for the developer looking to increase the rental footprint of the building or those wishing to split a larger property into smaller units. However, in all situations the converted property will need to meet the Approved Document E sound insulation… Read more »

Wind Turbines have never been far from the headlines and remain a controversial development within most landscapes. ETSU R-97 and published good practice guides exist to present methods of assessing the level of noise impact of turbines and to determine the cause and effect of phenomena such as amplitude modulation noise at nearby noise residential… Read more »