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The acoustics of the recorder

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We are all familiar with the recorder, most of us may have played it at school and now some of us may be experiencing (or suffering) it again at the hand of a keen primary school child. The instrument itself is simple, the use of an air jet creates a vibrational energy source within a… Read more »

The thermal insulating benefit and sustainability of lightweight aerated concrete blocks such as Aircrete, Celcon, Thermalite, Toplite and Durox¬† makes them a popular building material in new builds, conversions and renovations. However, aerated concrete block construction does require additional acoustic consideration to avoid Approved Doc E pre-completion sound insulation test failures. What causes the problem?… Read more »

Ideal Hearing Protection has launched their range of Insta-Mold custom hearing protection to the motorsports markets in an around the Kettering area. Ideal Hearing Protection is the latest Insta-Mold agent to be associated with Soundguard Acoustics. Insta-Mold is an ‘instant’ CE certified hearing protector designed for industrial, motorsport and shooting markets. With an SNR attenuation… Read more »