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Did you know that Guiness uses acoustics to create a perfect pint of their black stuff? The surger is a device, first launched in Tokyo, that send ultra-sonic waves through the drink allowing the dissolved gases to effervesce and is now used in bars across the world. The ultra-sonic waves passing through the Guinness is… Read more »

The toxic truth about disposable earplugs

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It is not disputed that earplugs protect from the noise exposure risks of industrial processes, shooting and motorsport and that the single-use disposable earplug remains the most common type of hearing protection in use today. In fact, the familiar 3M E-A-R Classic earplug is still commonly used in workplaces despite them being commercially introduced as… Read more »

Where possible, Soundguard Acoustics will provide preliminary test results before we leave the site. We will follow this up with a fully documented and signed report with the ANC online access to your test certificates which will be emailed to you within 5 – 7 working days of your test. This can then be submitted… Read more »